2007 Events

VFP 2007 Marches and Pickets

pickets and marches   photos
Jan 27 Demo in Gainesville

Second Annual Vets Speak Out
Thursday March 20th, 6:30 pm
Santa Fe Community College,
The public was invited to hear the veterans tell their stories and thoughts, and to ask questions with due respect.

March on the Pentagon March 17th

marchers on pentagon

See Photos by Mary
See Photos by Linda and John

Memorial Day 2007
Mile long Display of Tombstones

memorial day display
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Articles and letters:
Gainesville sun
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Washington March September 12, 2007

washington march
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Orlando Rally  October 27th

Photo Gallery

Cliff’s speech at the Rally

Winter Solstice Concert 2007

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Solstice 07
Program (pdf is 2.2mb)
Patriotism by Scott Camil
Videos and  photos by Dave

A Tribute to Solstice Concerts Past! click the photo and turn up your speakers

solstie concert

Peace Helmet Award

Over the years Veterans for Peace has recognized members
whose service is integral to the work of VFP.
This recognition is acknowledged with the presentation of the Peace Helmet Award.

Helmet The award is a beautiful stained glass replica of the VFP symbol
of the Dove of Peace on a military helmet.
These Stained Glass Peace Helmets have for the past 20 years,
been created for us exclusively by McIntyre Stained Glass studio

This year was a very busy year and a lot of members qualified
for this award so we are giving out more than we usually do.
All of  these people played leadership rolls on at least one major project, participated in at least 3 other projects and attend meetings.

This year 6 people will receive 6 Stained Glass Peace Helmets:

Mary Bahr : Mary is our web-master, a counselor for the GI rights Hotline, Coordinated the cost of war project, a member of the committee of correspondence, Tuesday sign holding, attended demonstrations in DC, Orlando and tables for us at events.

Bill Gilbert and David Henderson :  Bill and Dave Coordinated the buses that we used for the  trips we made to DC this year. They are both members of the committee of correspondence, participated in Tuesday sign holding and attended demonstrations in DC.  Dave also went to the demonstration in Orlando.  They both put in many full days on our  Memorial Day Project. Both table for us at events.

Stephen Hunter :   Stephen Coordinated The cutting of the Memorial Day Tombstones and the measuring and marking the layout on Memorial Mile, He is a member  of the committee of correspondence, Tuesday sign holding, attended demonstrations in DC, Orlando, tables for us at events.

John Fullerton :  John put in more time on the Memorial Day Project than anyone else, He is a member of the committee of correspondence, Tuesday sign holding , attended  demonstrations in DC and tables for us at events.

Bill Salmon :  Bill is our attorney, he reviews all matters and plans to protect our legal rights. He is available 24-7  and because he lives next to Scott Camil’s  house he is called on often to work on our projects, to make sure that we have everything  we need, often buying supplies and tools, never asking to be reimbursed.

There are others that have contributed more than average and we want to give them a special thanks: Kirk Anthoney ,Clif Hicks Bobby Ing, Gil Marshall, Harold Saive, Ku Wang

Finally there are many other members who do more than their share, They are not mentioned  here as they are officers in VFP and or have received the Helmet award in the past.