2011 Events

March 19th Action in Washington DC

Washington DC (March 19, 2011) – US Military veterans led march and rally at the White House on the 8th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq under the banner “Stop these wars. Expose the lies. Free Bradley Manning.” Following a rally, nearly two thousand people joined a silent march. At the end of the march, 110 people participated in a civil disobedience action and were arrested at the White House fence.
Chapter 14 was there!

Stop the Wars, Expose the Lies,
Free Bradley Manning
report from Courage to Resist

Peace Poetry Contest

Peace Poetry Awards Ceremony photos
A Special thanks to UF Poetry Professor and her graduate students for judging our Peace Poems!

A Sample poem

Peace is Still
Still flat water on a lake;
A mighty eagle on its perch;
Rain falling for any sake;
Bowed heads in a silent church.
Peace is still,
But not man’s will.
Men get lost,
Especially in the dark.
Everything as cold as frost,
The world is filled with savage sharks.
Peace is silent;
Man is violent…
Kendall McClellan, 12th Grade (first place)

Download the whole book!  peace Poetry Booklet (pdf)

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Memorial Mile

more photos at this link

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