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 December 17th, 8:00 PM
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
4225 NW 34th Street

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solstice 2016Photos by Mary Bahr

Winter solstice Conc...       Photos by M. L. McGaughran

the Telling

Scott Camil our coordinator and several new members performed in The Telling. the performance, a discussion held after the performance and some extra are included here.

 Memorial Mile Canceled Due to Construction on 8th Avenue
Update: We will have a Memorial Mile display in May 2017

Scott Camil was interviewed by several publications in May 2016 about the conflict between construction on 8th Avenue and the annual display Vets for Peace has put up on the roadside there starting in 2017.  Many people have seen and visited the project and public support has grown over the years.  But despite protests the City Commission voted to go ahead with a road and sidewalk project that may make it impossible to continue the display after construction is finished.  The grassy areas beside the road will decrease from 42 inches to 36 inches and there simply may no longer be room for the display.
For more information see: WUFT Article  and   Channel 20 article

Poetry Contest And Peace Scholarship 2016

Peace Poetry Awards 2016
Seventh ANNUAL PEACE POETRY CONTEST for Alachua County all students, grades K–12
Award Ceremony  was held Saturday, May 14th 2016
thanks to all our volunteers for making this a great day for our Peace Poets and all their supporters!
photos by L.M. McGaughran,  Deborah Hendrix and John Paling

Winning poems are published in our Peace Poetry Book each year.  For sample poems see the 2016-peace-poetry-book      Video of 2015 Awards Ceremony  ppc announcement 

Gainesville Veterans for Peace Chapter 14 also awarded  their second annual PEACE SCHOLARSHIPS for the spring of 2016. VFP awarded 3 scholarships this year to students who demonstrated commitment and leadership in activities involving: peace & social justice, conflict resolution and/or nonviolent social change.


2016 Peace Scholarship Instructions               2016 Peace Scholarship Application Word copy

Peace Poetry Announcement 2016 FLIER

David Swanson  speaks
about his book War is a lie

May 21st at 7 PM
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Gainesville
4225 NW 34th Street
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David Swanson is an author, activist, journalist, and radio host. He is director of and campaign coordinator for Swanson’s books include War Is A Lie. He blogs at and He hosts Talk Nation Radio. He is a 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

Martin Luther King March
January 18th, 2016
VFP and allies March together

More photos Here


Starting out from Down Town Down University ave At the MLK Center Mlk day march 2016