2013 Events

Winter Solstice Concert
Saturday December 21st

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           World Peace Day Celebration

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Gainesville VFP Chapter 14 Opposes US military action in Syria

Resolution passed at VFP Chapter 14 meeting,  Wednesday September 4th, 2013
link to National VFP Resolution on Syria


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By davidswanson – Posted on 23 August 2013

The Gainesville 8 and a Nixonized World

A 40-year reunion is being planned for the end of this month in Gainesville, Fla., of the Gainesville 8.  Sadly, Richard Nixon won’t be able to join them, although his presidential library has just released more audio recordings of his descent into madness — or what we like to call today: standard government practice.

The Gainesville 8 were eight men, seven of them members of Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), who planned to nonviolently demonstrate at the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami.  They were wrongfully prosecuted for planning violence, and they were all acquitted by a jury on August 31, 1973, in a highly publicized trial.

Under the shadow of the chaos that surrounded the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, VVAW took extra steps to avoid violence at the ’72 RNC, meeting with the Miami police and with right-wing groups in an effort to prevent conflicts.  And yet, prior to the convention, President Nixon’s FBI began preemptively arresting VVAW leaders, accusing them of plotting murder and mayhem, and attempting to prevent them from taking part in what they were really plotting: a nonviolent march to the convention, where they would request to meet with the president.

Many VVAW members managed to pull off the march, during the course of which they came upon an activist carrying weapons; they turned him in to the police.  Three vets, including Ron Kovic, made it into the convention to pose some uncomfortable questions to some long-distance, stay-at-home war supporters.

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Memorial Mile

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A Solemn Remembrance
of the Cost of War
Thanks to all our wonderful Volunteers
and to the public who came out to View and Remember

Saturday May 25 through Sunday May 27th
NW 8th Avenue and 34th Street by Westside Park

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Peace Poetry Awards Ceremony

Saturday May 11

IMG_3347Photos By Paul Ortiz

live Readings by the winning poets
music by local musicians
reception with refreshments

Awards Ceremony Press Release
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Peace Poetry Reading Flier
2013 peace poetry book FINAL

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at Santa Fe Community College

Veterans from Iraq and Vietnam Speaking Out

Veterans from Iraq and Vietnam Speaking Out

These conversations with Veterans are always valuable both for the Vets to have a forum and for the public to learn a little about the realities of the battle field.