Hey, We Won Something!

Gotta Love Allen Grayson!  The only member of the House elected primarily by small donors.

Two Months ago, we were told that if the United States did not attack Syria, we would see a new era of chemical weapons warfare.

Yet here is last week’s Reuters headline: “Syria Meets Deadline To Destroy Chemical Production Facilities.”

Let’s celebrate.

Let’s celebrate the war that never happened.

Let’s celebrate NOT having to hold sad and somber funerals for young Americans who would have lost their lives fighting in Syria.

Let’s celebrate NOT having to nurse and care for the wounded veterans who would have returned from the U.S.-Syrian war.

Let’s celebrate Congress NOT having to appropriate billions of tax dollars in emergency spending to support U.S. military operations in Syria.

Let’s celebrate NOT having to attend bitter marches protesting the U.S. war in Syria.

Let’s celebrate NOT having to rebuild Syria’s roads and bridges and schools, so that we can have a shot at rebuilding our own.

Let’s celebrate peace.

via Hey, We Progressives Won Something. – Democratic Underground.