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Lind maloney seaking

Lind maloney seaking

Linda Maloney is speaking right now.  She is a jet pilot who flew off carriers in a support role and is telling her ejection story from an A6.  They lost both hydraulic systems while on the way to Jacksonvile.  They went into a roll and ejected through the canopy. They landed in the water and got into the raft successfully.  A P3 was overhead within 3 minutes rocking his wings. When the helicopters and they hauled her out of the drink one of the crew exclaimed “You’re a girl!”

Linda is also an author with an award winning book Military Fly Moms and is organizing and speakers bureau for women veterans.  She believes that it is important for us to tell our stories.

Linda mentioned some interesting statistics:  Florida is third in the country with 165,962 women veterans .

Only 10% of the US population are veterans