Nobel Laureates Salute Bradley Manning

Nobel Laureates Archbishop Desmond Tutu,known as the conscience of South Africa< Adolpho Perez Esquivel, a champion of nonviolent solutions in South America and Mairead Maguire who worked to end conflict in Northern Ireland all salute the efforts of Bradley Manning and Wiki leaks to inform citizens about violence that their governments try to hide from them and protest the inhumane treatment of Manning in military custody.

As people who have worked for decades against the increased militarization of societies and for international cooperation to end war, we are deeply dismayed by the treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning.
We have dedicated our lives to working for peace because we have seen the many faces of armed conflict and violence, and we understand that no matter the cause of war, civilians always bear the brunt of the cost. With today’s advanced military technology and the continued ability of business and political elites to filter what information is made public, there exists a great barrier to many citizens being fully aware of the realities and consequences of conflicts in which their country is engaged.

via Nobel Laureates Salute Bradley Manning | The Nation.