NSA Eavesdropping Influenced Congresswoman?

For those who say that eavesdropping by the NSA only affects those with something to hide think again.  Government policy may have been negatively influenced as Harmon was a key advocate of the program that spied on her because of possible blackmail with the information collected by the NSA.  So we need to think a little deeper about the results of unlimited eavesdropping in the wrong hands.

This video is an interview of Harmon that was interrupted by “more important news” about Justin Bieber’s latest escapade.  No wonder Americans don’t have good information about their government.

The widespread coverage of this lead Juan Cole to fill in the next layer of meaning and background about the irony of this interview and its interruption .

According to Cole:

When she was in Congress, Harman was allegedly offered the chairmanship of the House Intelligence committee by an Israeli spy in return for her lobbying for reduced charges against operatives of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who had been charged with espionage.

The conversation was allegedly picked up by the NSA.

And Harman became a key Democratic supporter of NSA.