Scott Camil: A Winter Soldier Carries On

Scott Camil: A Winter Soldier Carries On | Web2Carz.

Great Article about our VFP coordinator, Scott Camil.  The article gives a good comprehensive history of Scot’s career as a Marine and a peace activist. It also illustrates Scott’s strength as a community organizer by combining an ability to bring many different people together with honest critical thinking about the problems we face.

The article quotes a Marine corps Fitness Report: Scott is praised for “his organizational skills, his fierce motivation, and his keen ability to instruct enlisted men and officers alike”.  These are skills those of us who work with Scott today are well aware of. In fact the article points out that
the military reviewers “couldn’t possibly have known that the 21-year-old sergeant would apply the same skills which made him a good marine to a tireless life of activism.”

The article turns around a reunion of Scot’s unit in Vietnam. Scott sums up their coming together in a very touching and hopeful way:

“What are amazing (about the people at the reunion) are the varying backgrounds, where we are politically, what we believe in and what we stand for is so different. But when we’re together, we’re fucking Marines first, Americans first, and the other bullshit doesn’t matter and that’s how our country should be.”