The empire Comes Home: Chelsea Manning’s View

You may have heard that Chelsea Manning, a whistle Blower who VFP has supported over the past few years is out of prison and has filed to run for the US Senate in Maryland.  Although we celebrate her release from prison, according to Manning, the US has changed in the years she was incarcerated.


Manning made the:

grim assessment, that even in freedom she was trapped within a prison, dawned on her as she walking one day through the streets of Brooklyn. The New York borough has a reputation for hipster cool, but she was shocked to see so many heavily armed police.

We forget how things have changed here because it has happened slowly. But the empire with its trappings of military equipment has come home.  The tanks and body armor and military weapons seen clearly at the Spencer event are on our streets every day and we often do not notice until our own whistleblower points it out.